Prince Harry is continuing his crusade to increase mental health awareness and conversation in the United Kingdom. On Monday, the royal spoke at the Ministry of Defence to kick off a new partnership to help improve mental health in the Armed Forces, ET Online reports.
哈里王子仍致力于增強英國民眾心理健康意識和相關談話。媒體ET Online報道,周一,哈里王子在國防部表示將在軍隊開展新的合作伙伴關系,加強軍隊心理健康建設。

“My 10 years in the army taught me a great deal. I learned about the true meaning of service, duty, resilience and dedication,” Harry said. “But in many ways I have learned more about the sacrifices our servicemen and women make for us all since I left the army and continued my work with the Invictus Games. Having a step back from day-to-day army life has allowed me to think carefully about how we prepare, support, and care for those who wear the uniform.”
哈里說:“在部隊呆了十年,我學到了很多東西:服兵役的內在意義、責任、抗壓能力、奉獻精神。但是離開部隊,在游戲公司Invictus Games工作時,我才從方方面面了解到軍人為我們犧牲了什么。把自己從部隊生活脫離出來,我開始認真思考要怎樣為軍人們提供支持、援助和關懷。”

Harry pointed out that mental health is just as vital as physical health, especially for people with high-pressure jobs.

“Crucially, fighting fitness is not just about physical fitness. It is just as much about mental fitness too…We have all seen professional athletes lose races or matches due to unforced errors. It is no different for anyone in high pressure roles.”

Harry, along with Prince William and Kate Middleton, have been great advocates for starting important conversations about mental health through their Heads Together charity. In addition to his work with Heads Together, Harry has dedicated himself to working with veterans, most notably through his Invictus Games.
哈里王子和威廉夫婦都在他們的慈善機構Heads Together大力提倡進行心理健康談話。除此之外,哈里還在自己的公司Invictus Games經常和老兵合作。