Meghan Markle is not going to be making any public appearances until the arrival of her first child later this spring.

So this means royal watchers are all just, well, waiting, with speculating about the name and sex and impact of the child all that is left to do.

And at least some of them are placing money on their hunches.

Popular British bookmaker William Hill has just revealed that the latest odds have been placed at 8-11 that Meghan and Prince Harry will be having a girl, due to a recent influx of betting activity. Ever since her baby shower, where an Instagram story showcasing the pink- and pastel-colored dessert spread made the rounds, it's been speculated that Meghan had let her friends know she was having a girl.
著名的英國William Hill博彩公司透露,最近博彩資金的流入形成的最新賠率是8-11—押梅根和哈里王子將迎來一個女兒。自從她的迎嬰派對上,粉色及柔和色調的甜品鋪成開來的照片在網絡上流出,大家就猜測梅根意在讓朋友們知道,她懷著的是個女孩。

And now the wagers have seemingly come in with a similar prediction. “We're still taking bets on gender but it's quite a random one.

Currently as it stands, we are 8-11 a girl, even money a boy,” William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said.“ So, you know, the betting is suggesting there's a great, great chance that it's a girl.”
“ 現在的狀況是,女孩的賠率是8-11,男孩則是同額賭注,”英國William Hill博彩公司發言人魯珀特•亞當斯說,“所以,你們看到了,這次押注顯示出,是女孩的可能性很大很大。”